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The Practice of Repairing

What is good for mental health?


In therapy, emotional repair refers to the process of repairing and restoring emotional experiences.

Admittedly, for anyone who has had religious trauma, hearing talk about Christianity and mental health, together, could be extremely activating. If this is you, maybe consider skipping this series and being kind to yourself, or maybe stay and see if there’s a possibility to repair your experience.

As we continue to embark on our Lenten journey, we turn inward to heal the ruptured areas of our hearts and minds.

Jesus taught that the greatest repair is of the heart. Our external actions are important, but they're an outflow of the condition of our hearts.

True repair involves changing the state of our hearts, recognizing and addressing the root causes of negative emotions and behaviors.

Pause for a second. Can you think of a relationship in your life that needs repair? Does the state of your heart need repair? Jesus’ sacrificial love demonstrated the importance of repairing what has been ruptured. #healing#compassion#forgiveness#transformation

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