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Embracing Structure: Keeping to a Schedule During Summer

Hey there, folks! With summer just around the corner, it's time to talk about keeping our kids on track during this season of sunny adventures and poolside shenanigans. But hold up, don't ditch those schedules just yet! Let's dive into why it's important to maintain some structure during summer break and sprinkle in some encouragement for our athletes who might be lacking a bit of motivation. Get ready for some fun along the way!

  1. Consistency Breeds Success: So, here's the deal. Having a schedule during summer break isn't about crushing the spontaneity out of life. Nope! It's about finding that sweet spot of balance. A little routine can actually help our kiddos stay grounded and enjoy the best of both worlds. Think stability, healthy sleep, and making sure they're not running on ice cream alone (although tempting!).

  2. Time Management: Ah, time management. It's like juggling water balloons sometimes, isn't it? But fear not! Help your kids create a schedule that doesn't turn their summer into a boot camp. Let them have fun while managing their time like champions. That way, they can squeeze in training sessions, hobbies, family time, and still have room for those important brain-chill sessions.

  3. Goal Setting and Tracking Progress: Alright, athletes, listen up. Summer isn't just for lazing around (although, let's be honest, we all need that). Set some goals that challenge you and excite you. Keep track of your progress and celebrate every tiny win along the way. Your teammates need you to stay in shape and get stronger. They're counting on you to do your part this summer. Create some accountability and find some encouragement. You've got this!

  4. Having Fun & Making Friends: Camps and summer go together like sunscreen and sunny days (at least in the Davis household). Remember, it's not just about training; it's about building lifelong friendships and having a blast! Summer camps are a great way to do this. Checkout our Ultimate Swim Camps if you're still looking for a summer camp.

  5. Finding Inspiration: Okay, so motivation might play hide-and-seek with you during the summer. It happens to the best of us. But guess what? There are ways to find inspiration even when it's hiding behind a beach umbrella. Try out new hobbies, challenge yourself with cross-training, or learn from the pros you admire. And hey, don't forget to schedule time to read a good book. Make this the best summer yet!

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