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A Journey Into the Wilderness.

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Lenten Season Series

What is good for mental health?

A journey into the wilderness.

One of the most powerful moments in Jesus’ ministry was his journey into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights.

Jesus' journey into the wilderness was a deliberate and voluntary act. No one forced him to go, nor did he follow anyone's direction. He chose to step into the wilderness willingly, seeking solitude and connection with God.

Unlike his public ministry, where he was surrounded by crowds of people, during his time in the wilderness, Jesus was alone with God.

There was no community in the desert waiting to rally him or to give him a pep talk to send him back on his way. Instead, there was only silence and echoing lies.

It was in this silence that Jesus was able to confront the lies that had been whispered in his ear and to remember his true purpose. By facing the lies, he emerged from the wilderness stronger and more grounded in his mission.

As we journey through our own lives, may we follow Jesus' example and willingly step into moments of solitude and reflection.

May we confront the lies that hold us back and reconnect with our true selves and our purpose. And may we find strength and guidance in the presence of God, just as Jesus did during his journey into the wilderness. #JourneyIntoTheWilderness#Solitude#Reflection#FindYourPurpose#ConnectWithGod#lent

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