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The Practice of Togetherness

What is good for mental health?

Practice going together.

I read once that a single draft horse can pull a load up to 8,000 pounds. Geez, that’s a ton of weight.

What would you speculate would happen if we hooked up two draft horses to a load? If you instantly thought two draft horses could pull 16,000 pounds that, too, made sense to me.

Two draft horses pulling together cannot pull twice as much as one. They can actually pull three times as much. The two draft horses that can each pull 8,000 pounds alone can pull 24,000 pounds working together.

If this is true, these horses are teaching us a very clear lesson in teamwork, but they still have more to teach us.

If the two horses that are pulling together have trained with one another and have worked together before, they can’t just pull three times as much working together as they can by themselves. The two trained horses in tandem can actually pull 32,000 pounds, which is a load four times as heavy as either of the horses could pull by themselves.

The more they know each other, the more weight they can pull. If you want to increase your ability to carry things, don’t go alone. #lent#community#teammates#friends#coworkers#family#partners#couples#relayteams

(Repost: Instragram @shantelcdavis)

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