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Practice being Quiet

What is good for mental health?


When you take time to be quiet, you give yourself space to unpack your thoughts and emotions. You can explore the stories you tell yourself and the beliefs that shape your worldview. It's an opportunity to gain greater self-awareness and understanding.

It's also a chance to stop seeking validation from the outside world. Instead of constantly seeking affirmation from others, you can learn to find peace within yourself. You can connect with your true identity as a child of God, and rest in the knowledge that you are loved and valued just as you are.

Learning to be comfortable with silence isn't always easy, but it's worth the effort. Give yourself permission to slow down and listen to your own inner voice. You might be surprised by what you discover. #quietmind#innerpeace#selfawareness#therapy#christiancounseling#lent

(Post provided by @shantelcdavis Instragram)

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