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Master Clinicians

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


5-Time Olympic Medalist

Josh Davis

Event Director and Master Clinician

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Olympic Gold & Bronze Medalist

Cody Miller

Youtube Influencer

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3-Time Olympian

Elizabeth Beisel

Silver & Bronze Medalist

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Product Designer

Robert Rose

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Customer Support Lead

Kevin Nye

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HR Lead

Lisa Driver

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Ultimate Swimmer Clinicians

Our team is a group of dedicated and highly skilled athletes, each with their own unique expertise and experience. Together, we work towards a common goal of delivering exceptional results for our clients and clubs. Whether it's through creative event management or utilizing the latest research and techniques, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible for your swimmers. Our team members have a passion for their work, and it shows in the high-quality services we provide. We are proud of our team and the contributions they make to our company and our clients.

Katie Ledecky - 2x Olympian, multi-time world record holder, most dominant freestyler in history   

Ryan Lochte - 4x Olympian, 12 Olympic Medals, 200IM WR, 2nd Greatest Swimmer     

Caeleb Dressel - 2016 Olympian, Fastest Man on the Planet!!!                      

Missy Franklin - 4x Olympic Medalist, Global Ambassador        

Nathan Adrian - 3x Olympian, multiple medals and records             


Simone Manuel - 2016 Olympian, American Record Holder       

Dana Vollmer - 3x Olympian, American Record Holder


Janet Evans - 3x Olympian, ‘92, ‘96, Multiple Gold Medals, Pro Speaker for 20 years

Ryan Murphy - 3x Rio Gold Medalist!  World Record Holder 100m Back

Matt Grevers - 2x Olympian, Gold Medalist 100 bk, held World Record 100 scm back  

Rebecca Soni – 2x Olympian, Gold in 2008 and 2012, Breaststroke record holder   

Maya DiRado - Darling of Rio 2016! w 2 gold, silver & bronze,        

Chase Kalisz – 2016 Silver Medal in 400m IM, ranked #1 in the world in both IM’s!

Allison Schmitt - 3x Olympian, American Record Holder in 200m free


Lily King - NCAA & Olympic Champion, World Record Holder, the Queen of Breaststroke!!    

Anthony Ervin - Rio Gold Medalist 50m free!!, Captain, 2000 & 2012 Olympian

Cody Miller  - 2016 Rio Gold & Bronze Medal, breaststroke record holder, super popular!!

Conor Dwyer – 2012 & 2016 Gold Medalist

Olivia Smoliga - 2016 Rio Gold Medalist - backstroke and free


Jason “the Legend” Lezak - 4x Olympian, Captain, Fastest Anchor of all time!

Michael Andrew - NAG hunter, World Champion 100 IM, JR World Record

Jacob Pebley - Rio Olympian - national Champion 200 back

Elizabeth Beisel - 3x Olympian, top female speaker in the USA!     

Jason “the Legend” Lezak - 4x Olympian, Captain, Fastest Anchor of all time! 


Blake Peironi - 2016 Rio Gold Medalist, 1st man to break 1:30 in 200 yd free!!

Kelsi Worrell - 2016 Rio Gold Medalist - AR in Butterfly

Amanda Beard - 4x Olympian, former world record holder,

Ella Eastin - NCAA Champion, 200 & 400 IM, 200 fly American Record, Awesome in Tokyo 2020

Ariana Kukors – 2012 Olympian, Current American Record Holder in 200m IM!

Jessica Hardy – 2x Olympian, breaststroke and sprint record holder

Misty Hyman - 2000 Sydney Gold Medalist 200m fly, awesome speaker!!

Hali Flickinger - World Champion, National Champion, ranked #1 in US in 200m fly

Michael Chadwick - One of the fastest men in the world, World Champion

Byron Davis - National Champion  and top motivational speaker

Aaron Peirsol - 3x Olympian - current world record in 200m back

Mallory Comerford - NCAA Champion, World Champion

Rowdy Gaines - 2x Olympian, 3x Gold Medalist, Global Ambassador, the Voice of Swimming 

Katie Meili - 2012 & 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist -

Ryan Held - 2016 Rio Gold Medalist, Free specialist

Ian Crocker - 3x Olympian, 3x Gold Medalist - top presenter

Leah Smith - 2016 Rio Gold Medalist - Distance specialist

Lia Neal - 2012 & 2016 Olympic Medalist, sprint specialist 

Josh Prenot – 2016 Rio Silver Medalist, breaststroke record holder

Josh Davis – 2x Olympian, Captain, founder of clinic tour in 1997, Master Clinician

Zane Grothe - 2017 World Champion, American Record Holder 500 free, 1650 free

Ian Crocker - 3x Olympian, 3x Gold Medalist, held world record 6 yrs, top presenter

Josh Davis – 2x Olympian, Captain, founder of clinic tour in 1997, Master Clinician  


Gunnar Bentz - 2016 Rio Gold Medalist, IM, Fly, Free

Lacey Nymeyer John - 2008 Silver Medalist, great speaker and teacher

Tom Shields – 2016 Rio Gold Medalist, butterfly specialist

Caitlin Leverenz - Captain, 2012 Olympian, Bronze medal 200m IM, AR record holder

Kaitlin Sandeno - 2x Olympian, 4 Olympic Medals, 200 fly, 800 free, 4x200 FR

Molly Hanis - 2016 Rio Olympian in Breaststroke, training for Tokyo

Camille Adams - 2012 & 2016 in 200m butterfly

Breeja Larson - 2012 London Gold Medalist, AR in breaststrokes

Kevin Cordes - 2016 Rio Gold Medalist - AR in Breaststrokes

Jimmy Feigen - Rio Gold Medalist - one of our top speakers and clinicians

Kaitlin Sandeno - 2x Olympian, 4 Olympic Medals, 200 fly, 800 free, 4x200 FR

Madisyn Cox - 2017 Bronze at Worlds in 200m IM

Madison Kennedy - Fastest Woman in CT, USA team for 10 years


Kristy Kowal - 2000 Silver Medalist - one of our top female clinicians, best deal of all females!

Margaret Hoelzer - 2008 Beijing Olympian, American Record Holder in backstroke

Caroline Burckle - 2008 Olympian, Master Motivator

Christine Magnuson - 2008 Olympian and double Silver Medals

Megan Romano - World Champion and multiple NCAA titles

Margo Geer - National Champion sprinter training for Tokyo 2020


Felicia Lee - National Champion for Stanford and Team USA

Laura Sogar - National Champion for Texas and Team USA in Breaststroke

Bethany Galat  - National Champion in Breaststroke 

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